In English

I am a compassion multi-minded spiritual being who believes in a loving world. I write close to deep poetic and touching texts to bring you closer to what you are the truth. I love to dance, eat healthy and be close to nature and children.
I debuted with my book To live the truth and celebrate for 10 years as the author ago.
”Dansa med Livet” is translated in to English ”Women dancing in pine valley, 2019”.

Published books in Swedish:

Att leva med sanningen, självbiografi, 2008 ISBN 9789185671298
Healing, mirakel och framtidens metoder, facklitteratur 2012 ISBN 9789175172361 sold out
Nära syster nära, roman 2014 ISBN 9789198110715
Rasmus Råtta, barnbok, 2014 ISBN 9789198110708
Vem bär vinden, roman, 2015 ISBN 9789198110739
Baka med mindre socker, receptbox 2015 ISBN: 9789198110746
Ida- Stinas guldhjärta, barnbok, 2016 ISBN: 9789198110753
Dansa med livet, roman 2018 ISBN 9789198110760
Women dancing in pine valley ISBN 9789198110777
Magic vegan julbord, Isaberg Förlag 2021 ISBN: 9789185089710
Magic vegan Vardag, Isaberg Förlag 2022 ISBN: 9789185089833
Den gula villan- ett hus för tre, 2023 ISBN: 9789180006842